Monday, April 27, 2009

California Polytechnic State University Orders an Iver2 AUV

OceanServer Technology to provide Cal Poly with a Iver2 AUV including the VectorMap mission planning and data presentation tool. OceanServer Technology, a leader in next generation autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology, announced that California Polytechnic Institute (Cal Poly) has agreed to purchase an Iver2 AUV for research purposes. The order consists of one base vehicle outfitted with a second CPU for AUV behavior study and sensor development. The Iver2 platform is used by leading universities across the United States for a variety of research purposes. The Iver2 is a low-cost, simple to operate AUV system that incorporates a truly ‘open’ software architecture and defined hardware interfaces that enables researchers and OEMs to quickly adapt the Iver for a variety of applications. Common payloads include GPS navigation,… View this post

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