Monday, April 27, 2009

Medical Robotics Expert Explores the Human-Machine Interface

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Like many others, University of California, Santa Cruz researcher Jacob Rosen is developing a robotics exoskeleton that has the potential to help the disabled and infirmed. Unlike other exoskeleton projects, however, Rosen’s design allows the user to reach 95 percent of the natural range of motion. Also, Rosen is looking into using neurological signals to control the exoskeleton. By Tim Stephens Jacob Rosen is developing a wearable robotic “exoskeleton” that could enable a person to lift heavy objects with little effort. It’s a bit like the robotic armor that has long been a staple of futuristic battle scenes in science fiction books and movies. But what excites Rosen is the device’s potential to help people disabled by stroke or degenerative diseases. “People with muscular dystrophy and… View this post

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