Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surveyor Introduces the First Low-Cost 3D Stereo Vision System for Robotics and the Web

Surveyor brings depth perception to the masses, including educators, researchers and developers, by providing developers of robots and robotic technology with a dual-camera and dual-processor vision system for the low price of $550. Surveyor Corporation, a leading developer of small vision-enabled wireless robots and robot controllers for research and education, today introduced a first in the industry by offering a $550 stereo vision system, designated Surveyor SVS, for robotics, embedded image processing and web-based remote monitoring. With onboard programmability, WiFi connectivity, easy interface to sensors and actuators, open source architecture and a low price, the SVS represents a breakthrough in 3D stereo vision technology cost and usability for researchers, educators and developers. Stereo vision is similar in concept to biological visual sensing, where the difference in… View this post

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