For decades science fiction writers have fascinated about a robotic age. In films they even moved a bit far away from the present, and have presented stories of robotic revolutions from time to time. It is always true that stories like robotic invasion and human fight back always been best sellers in the market. Success stories of the Terminator series prove the fact. Now is it the beginning of the era? The recent venture of iRobot Corporation may hint that way.

Taser International Corporation announced that they have teamed up with iRobot Corporation to produce a new generation of robots that will be capable of delivering a shock charge to people. As it is already visible, the robot can be used in sentry operations. May be these will be the new generation of robots carrying a weapon, non lethal for the time being, but seems that the fictions are going to come true.

In preliminary discussions it has been revealed that this prototype will be sold to police or military and will be used in situations where use of lethal weapons is not possible. In cases of demobilizing a suspect in everyday police operations or while pinning down a terrorist in military activities this prototype can be proved very useful.

For the time being this robot will require a human interfere in its operation. Before it tries to subdue a victim it needs a human instruction. But with the advancement of AI it is inevitable that sooner or later the software used will be smart enough to decide go along without fleshy interference. When this robot will be off the assembly line is yet to be decided. The first place of its deployment is also not confirmed. But its operations are confirmed and critics all over the World are worried about a probability of science fictions coming true. Can you sniff a Terminator 3: rise of machines story readers?

Source: Slipperybrick