Thursday, April 30, 2009



A prototype walking biped
(not entered).

Tom Lundberg (left) and Jared Schwartz.

The second-place walking quadruped dinosaur.
Jared Schwartz & Tom Lundberg

Jared Schwartz will be a senior at Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, Bloomsfield Hills, Michigan, this fall. He has been in the school robotics club since sixth grade and on the robotics team since ninth grade. Jared has participated in the FIRST FTC and FRC competitions and World Robofest. His FTC team qualified for the past two years to compete in Atlanta at the world championship. Jared has always had an interest in robotics and hopes to pursue a career involving robotics and art.
Tom Lemberg, also of Bloomfield Hills, grew up with two older brothers “... who have always pushed me into challenges and caused me to build up my abilities.” He is a sophomore at Cranbrook Kingswood. Although he has not targeted a career in robotics at this point, Tom says “Like all challenges, I appreciate the Grant Imahara VEXplorer Robot Challenge for its fun and rewards.”

“The Quadruped Dinosaur can walk around, move its head up and down and look left and right. Because it has a motor for the neck as well as the head, it is more like a real dinosaur than the biped prototype,” the two winners comment. The purpose of the robot is to look around and explore. The wheels “... were simply replaced by legs.” To see how, view the SolidWorks images at

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