Friday, May 29, 2009

iRobot CTO steps down -- ironically, looks to "rehumanize" US manufacturing with robots

iRobot -- the company best known to consumers as the creator of Roomba and to soldiers as the creator of Packbot bomb disposers -- just lost its CTO and co-founder, Rodney Brooks. While Dr. Brooks will continue to serve on the board of iRobot and serve as chairman of a new technical advisory board, he'll be devoting most of his time to Heartland Robotics, a new, non-competing company with the following corporate mantra:
"Heartland Robotics is combining the power of computers - embodied in robots - and the extraordinary intelligence of the American workforce, to rehumanize and revitalize manufacturing."
By "rehumanize" we assume they mean replace the American manufacturing workforce with robots. Come on Brooks, grow a pair of Ayn Rands and just say what you mean.

[Via Maximizing Progress]

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