WowWee’s MS Media robot is cute little r

obot capable of delivering multimedia content. The bot was displayed at CES 2007. This small toy like machine has a 1.9-inch(176 x 132px) color LCD screen integrated on its chest. You can enjoy listening music from two speakers on both hands, and a woofer on the back.

Other additional features are a camera, mp3 playback, 40MB flash memory, and USB 1.1connectivity and most important Linux operating system.

Some more technical specifications are listed below

LCD Screen: TFT 1.9′ screen; 16 bit color: 176X132 pixels

Camera: Motion Tracking; photo and MPEG4 encoding

Speakers: 11 watts

Sonic sensors: 2 microphones for sound
Localization and 1 microphone for MP3 recording

Operating system: Linux embedded

Memory: 40 MB flash memory

Upgradeable memory: SD card slot up to 1GB

PC connection: USB 1.1

PC software: file manuplation

I thing that I don’t understand what is the use of installing a 1.9-inch LCD? I don’t think you will comfortable viewing a video on such a small screen except you have magnifying glasses.

Via: aving