Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nokia's Jeppe video "pet" concept

No matter how much we do it, video conferencing is still one of the most awkward internet-related tasks we undertake on a regular basis. Nokia hopes to bring a more casual air to the event with its Jeppe video conferencing robot pet concept. Similar to most telepresence bots, Jeppe can be controlled remotely -- through a Nokia interface, conveniently -- and zips through the home with its digital compass and sound sensors seeking humans to bother. Unfortunately, the video is at a fixed angle and there's no option wipe that creepy grin of its face, but obviously Nokia has some refining to do before it brings Jeppe to market, if ever. There's video after the break of a couple Finnish engineers proving once and for all that there's no solving the awkward video conferencing problem.

[Via Core77]

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