If you love the sight of robots having a go at each other, which you might have seen in some Sci-Fi movies, then you should set out with your shopping bag and buy the Robovie-M V3. The Robot has a nick name ‘Big Max’.

The Robot has a sexy drilled metal body and is available in two colors that are gold and blue. (According to me the Golden one looks better!)

The Robot has 22 joint angular sensors and 70 pre-programmed movements. The 30cm tall Robot can do many things such as throw, punch, somersault, and also play some soccer.

If you make the Robot fall by a punch on its head don’t worry it is able to stand up all by itself and get ready for some more fighting.

All that you will have to pay for it is $2,699.

CLICK HERE to see some movies which have the Robot in action.

If you are interested in the Robot then here are the detailed specifications:

Degrees of freedom:

-Leg: 6 degrees of freedom (left and right 12 degrees of freedom)
-Arm: 4 degrees of freedom (left and right 8 degrees of freedom)
-Chest: 1 degree of freedom
-Waist: 1 degree of freedom
Sensor constitution:
-22 joint angular sensors
-1 2 axial accelerating sensor
Built-in PC: CPU: H8/3687 20MHz
External I/F: Serial communication (RS232C)
Size: W240 x D65 x H290 mm
Weight: 1.9 kg

Via: slashgear