Man has mastered (to some extent) the machine and is still in his pursuit to perfection by producing more intelligent machines (robots) to assist him to complete even the complicated tasks on the given guidelines.

The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) is currently working on SeRoPi (Service Robot Platform Initiative), a smart and intelligent service robot that easily can recognize articles, bend over to capture and position on the place (with extended arms) in response to your commands, which probably could replace your future servants. The SeRoPi is 125cm in height and features on two main wheels, in addition to a supplementary wheel, to move around the ordained route at 2m/s. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available, including the pricing and availability, right now.

One aspect that wonders me is the weight (that is 60kg) of the smart robot. Whether the SeRoPi be able to balance such heavy weight on the wheels? We can only hope for that, but to be frank I am not fully convinced about it.

Via: aving