Robots have proved to be the best companions of humans. We have mostly designed robots to perform those dangerous tasks those include risk for us. Their field of operation has extended from earth to water and even in space.

Osaka University in Japan has designed one such hybrid robot known as Squid Robot that has a biomimetic propulsion approach and its design has been influenced from some species of squid as it uses uses rubber panels on the sides to “fly” in a manner more similar to skates and stingrays, curling them rhythmically for forward thrust. Its flat and sleek design enables it to enter narrow spaces. The university is still making continuous efforts to improve the design to make it more stable under unstable currents.

This new robot will find great applications underwater.

Other such robots which operate under water are:

SubjuGator: An ideal for the futuristic underwater robots

Computer-operated Robotic Boat for underwater surveillance

Via: robotworldonline