Thursday, June 25, 2009

HARV gives soldiers a robot's-eye view

While battlefield robots are certainly plenty capable with their current control systems, the folks at Chatten Associates seem to think they can do things one better, and they're now touting their so-called HARV (Head-Aimed Remote Viewer) system as a potential alternative. That consists of a gimbal-mounted video system on the robot itself, which gets paired with some gyro-equipped goggles that let the robot to look around wherever the soldier moves his head. Of course, they didn't stop things there, with the setup also offering a 36x optical zoom, night vision, and other advantages that Chatten says can improve mission performance by 300% to 400%. As if that wasn't enough, the firm's also now apparently hard at work on an updated system set for delivery to the military next year that'll add a thermal imager, a higher resolution, and a laser rangefinder, among other things they're probably not willing to tell us. Head on over after the break for a video of the system in action.

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