Sunday, June 14, 2009

Macroswiss building battlefield-ready SpyRobot 6x6

Granted, Macroswiss' 4WD Spybot is quite capable of handling most everything warfare can toss at it, but as these things always go, great is never good enough. Reportedly, said outfit is now working with the US Army Rapid Equipping Force to develop a 6x6 SpyRobot with the ability to carry four times its own weight and fit snugly within a backpack. The aforesaid critter will be "an important new tool for the detection, recognition and identification of targets from a distance," and of course, it'll be packed to the brim with sensors of all varieties. Per usual, there's no word on when the finalized unit will be ready to hit the sand running, but word on the street has it that numerous versions are currently being toyed with.

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