Thursday, June 25, 2009

TeMo robot carries mobile, takes orders from anywhere

We know just how attached humans can become with their robots -- particularly ones they have had a hand in creating. Thankfully, the advent of mobile broadband is allowing us to stay closer and closer to our mechanical critters, even when we're away. All gushing aside, the homegrown TeMo is indeed a pretty swank concoction -- it's constructed primarily from Lego Technic blocks and features five servo motors, an arm (you know, for doing stuff), a microcontroller and it's very own cellphone, complete with an unlimited data package. Put simply, the creature's handset runs a webserver that can be accessed from anywhere, theoretically giving its owner the ability to beam out commands halfway (or fully) across the globe. Best of all, the lowdown of how TeMo ticks is sprawled out in the read link below, so be sure to give that some attention if this sounds like the perfect solution for that strained long-distance relationship.

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