Friday, July 17, 2009

$75,000 robotic Swami head would like a word with you

Look, we get it; that money is burning a hole in your pocket... it's like Brewster's Millions over at your house. Well, we've found just the item to match your need to blow cash like it's going out of style. Enter the $75,000 Swami Conversational Robot head -- a "cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence robot that recognizes family members, can carry on conversations, develops relationships, and answers questions with fact-based advice." Sound like it's too good to be true? Well, consider that your 75-large gets you "revolutionary character-engine artificial intelligence software," micro-camera eyes, over 30 "robotic micro motors," and a laptop which runs the whole show (included with your wallet-searing purchase). Want it? Need it? Go get it! It's available right now... for $75,000.

[Via Tech Digest]

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