Thursday, July 2, 2009

Caption contest, Xmas edition: AIBO Claus

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Ho, ho, h-- er, woof, woof, woof! Even though AIBO has been spayed, so to speak, that doesn't mean the little guy can't dress up and get into the Christmas spirit just like the rest of his fellow Roombas and Robosapiens. Plus, we have to say, our old pal looks quite dashing in red.

[Image courtesy of Impress]

Evan: "Robot Santa, perhaps overly confident aboard his Sony-made sleigh, swore that this year his was gonna bite Bender right on his shiny metal ass."
Josh: "The scale only revealed what AIBO had known all along: a moment on the lips really was a lifetime on the hips."
Chris: "Still distraught over its discontinuation, AIBO shows up every Christmas morning at Sony headquarters, drunk, belligerent, and with a sad little Santa outfit that gets a little dingier every year."
Ryan: "All I want for Christmas is to be put back in production / to be put back into production / to be put back into production. End holiday song."

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