Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wee little Pekee robot

pekee In case your first attempt at a world-conquering robot fell through, Wany Robotics has introduced its Pekee robotics development platform to get you up to speed. It's a fully assembled robot running embedded Windows or Linux with about a million sensors. It has built-in infrared, temperature, and light sensors, shock detector, and gyrometers so you know exactlywhat is going on at all times. It also has a plug-in cartridge with Ethernet, USB, color video camera and connectors for a mouse, monitor and keyboard and another with WiFi for remote control and data-streaming. To top it all off they also give you casings for five more cartridges, so you can make custom ones (laser gun, jet pack, rocket launcher, etc) if you want.

[Via Sensory Impact]

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