Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Eyed Peas Feature Robots In New Music Video

This hit by The Black Eyed Peas is something you should just listen to for the music and then watch the video. The song only starts to really pick up well towards the second half of the song. Other than the rap in the beginning and the strange chipmunk noises coming out of Fergie, the music is pretty dang awesome. Cool beat, up-beat tempo, and it’s just a very danceable song.

Now for the video. In the preface, before the music video even starts, Will.I.Am is looking at pictures of a robot that shows up later in the video. He was explaining to Apl.De.Ap what it was, basically an advanced auto-tune. Fergie doesn’t agree with it and finds it to not be right. The fact that a machine is doing the creative work for you and the fact that it is a machine. I personally agree with Fergie, but I still think that auto-tune can have a cool effect if used correctly.

When the actual music video starts, it shows Fergie crash landed on the pavement. She gets up and starts shaking her booty and rapping. She then finds Will and they try to escape the giant robot that seems to be looking for them. Once they get to their music junkyard/home, they activate their own robot and start the real dancing. Again, musically, this is where it’s at. Once they’re geared up, they set out to where the evil giant robot has done its dirty work. Fergie, Will, Apl, and Taboo all set out to “heal” the people with some sort of speaker that makes them want to break dance. At the end, the enemy robot gets hit by a sound wave and the giant robots have a dance off, leading to Fergie waking up in real life. It truly is an epic story, even better than transformers 2 and terminator put together, but the break dancing by the robots was sort of disappointing. I was expecting a nice flip or hand stand or something, but the tricks were pretty elementary. I guess The Peas really ran into a budget issue with this run. Watch the video here.

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