Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dragon Runner: Bomb Squad Gone Robotic

Britain is finally catching onto the idea of using robots for dangerous life-threatening missions. The British Ministry of Defense has unveiled a new remote controlled robot that simply defuses bombs. In more depth though, Dragon Runner, the robot, can do a multiple amount of things.

Having the ability to move at an average speed of 5mph, the robot can complete difficult tasks (for a robot) for the British army. For example, while using its forward extending manipulator arm, DR can open doors, move debris out of the way, and even dig up explosives (though it can only lift up to 10 pounds in weight.) Dragon Runner can also be used as a surveillance robot since it is equipped with four video cameras. Based on a six wheel design, it can even climb up stairs. Not many robots are capable of that. About one hundred of these bomb squad robots have been made by QinetiQ UK.

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