Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FuRo Breaks Wind, Makes Controlling Bots Easier

A division of the Chiba Institute of Technology by the name of FuRo (Future Robotics Technology Center) has created a controller dubbed WIND (Wireless Intelligent Networked Device.) No, it is not controlled by your farts, but rather by your movements. Move your arm left, the robot will do so. Nod your head up and down, the robot will do so. Many different movements are possible with the 3-dimensional sensors mounted on the mid to upper back and on the biceps and forearm. This kind of technology is good for a profession that handles dangerous materials, but also requires the unique, careful perception of a human.

The white boxs are key to this secret. The white boxs are “System On Chip” processors, meaning they contain as much “intelligence” as personal computers. That’s about the power of 250 GB HDD! Though the mini processors are abundant with memory, the Bluetooth wireless transmitter slows down the robot’s reaction speed. There is still much potential for WIND technology. Here is a demonstration video.

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