Saturday, March 20, 2010

Itch chair scratches the backs of lazy meatbags

Itch chair  scratches the backs of lazy meatbags
If there's one thing we've learned over all these years of covering gadgets it's that human laziness knows no bounds. None at all. Now even the (lethargic) activity of scratching one's own back has been roboticized courtesy of designers Dana Gordon and Alejandro Zamudio Sánchez. They've created a chair called Itch, which features a touchpad hidden under the seat. The user simply needs to reach down and move the "mechanical fingernail" into position and then let it do its thing. It appears at this time that multitouch is not supported, so those who are about to suffer from springtime mosquito swarms may want to look for something a bit more robust -- maybe a multi-pronged back scratcher of the bamboo kind?

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