Monday, March 22, 2010

Quasi Robot Stars At The Toy Fair

Is this $80,000 robot really going to be sold on the market as a toy? Nope, It won’t be, but there will be a toy version coming out soon, promised by the creators from Interbots. The creators say that the toy version will be able to do basically the same thing that this robot, Quasi, can do. Quasi, or Q, can be controlled by a wireless tablet PC with touch screen. Just drag the stylus to the specific facial expression you want and it does it. You can also enter words into a dialogue for the robot to speak. It moves its mouth according to the vowel sounds processed through the dialogue. In other words, it looks like it’s speaking. Depending on the mood, the user can also change the eye color and wiggle the ears. This could be a pretty cool, hot toy, but it also seems like another way for kids to torture their parents; in the wallet, and at home. Watch the short demonstration video below.

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