Sunday, March 21, 2010

Robots Dominate South Korean Education

School administrators in South Korea have decided to bring about a new way of teaching kids. That is, at the hands of robots. They are only forced to do this because of the lack of English teachers in South Korea. Currently only replacing preschool teachers, the South Korean School District has spent a good amount of money. By 2011, they approximate about 45 million USD to have been spent on upgrading only 500 preschools. In debate, they are thinking about replacing teachers in the elementary school level too.

Students seem to have fun with the robots and they really do learn from them. They don’t seem to be displaced by the idea of being taught by a robot either. Their only problem with the robot is the speech recognition. They’ll say the correct sentence, but the robot won’t pick it up completely, causing the student to have to repeat them-self.

They think they are solving the problem but they are only creating a bigger one in the future. For one, these teacher robots aren’t all that proficient. The kids may understand it, but the one-on-one teaching style is nearly destroyed. When there aren’t a bunch of adults standing around the robots, I think the kids would beat the motherboard out of this one. Secondly, They are using it as a job replacement. Consequentially, less jobs equal less gdp per capita and a higher unemployment rate. Over all, I think these robots wouldn’t be best for a full time job, but rather an assistant or substitute teacher. Watch the demonstration below.

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