Saturday, March 20, 2010

Robots Speak At Museums

When you go to a museum and you would like to know about the exhibit, you don’t lways want to read about it. Now, Hiroshi Kasai’s design (Tsukuba University) of conversationalist robot speakers will revolutionize learning. Similar to a tour guide, the two Gemini robots speak about the exhibit at hand, but unlike a tour guide, the two robots speak to each other.

For example, if they are talking about a dinosaur footprint. Gemini1 would ask something like “when was this found?” and Gemini2 would respond something like “1948 A.D.” It has been proven that humans are more apt to learn by eavesdropping rather than being spoken to directly. If you think about it, to eavesdrop is much more interesting than to just listen. It also creates a more appealing environment. The two talking robots appeared at an art installation called Kansei x Tsukuba x Design, though they were not fully functional.

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