Saturday, March 20, 2010

The World’s Newest Cinema Robot

It is spring time, a time of romance and a time of productivity. South Korea has yet again been productive through their robot inventions. ED Corporation stands out this day with their civil services robot by the name of CIROMI, the robot located in movie theaters. CIROMI’s name is a mix of the words CInema, RObot, and somehow dreams. The creators at Ed Corporation said that they put dreams in the name because CIROMI helps make people’s dreams come true at the cinema. Management at the newly developed movie theater had a keen interest in robotics so they signed a deal to have the robot premiere along side the movie theater.

When CIROMI detects someone (via laser range finder), it rolls over to the person and greets him or her with a friendly greeting. Then, the customer can choose to do a select amount of things. Right now, you can only use the touch screen software to play games, send simple e-mails, or take photos with the built in camera. Specifically, this work in progress is only good for entertainment when waiting in a long line. So when you and your sweetheart are going to a movie, you shouldn’t be afraid of a long line anymore. In the future though, it will be able to make simple conversation, recommend specific movies based on personal interests of the person, and then buy the ticket right there. The simple version of CIROMI is also being used in train stations and restaurants. This way, the simple CIROMI can branch off into many different occupations.

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