Thursday, April 30, 2009

Energid Technologies and Mo­bile Robots Inc. Preview Ad­vance in Mobile Manipulation Robots

11/30/08 07:44 PM
Energid and Mobile Robots partner to provide autonomous navigation and advanced robotic tele-operation in a single platform code-named Dactyl. Energid Technologies and MobileRobots Inc gave robot developers at the second annual national RoboDevelopment conference in Santa Clara CA a sneak preview of their new semi-autonomous mobile robotic manipulation system. The new platform, code-named “Dactyl” for the bird-like form of the manipulator, combines MobileRobots autonomous PatrolBot and MobileEyes robot control interface with Energid’s Actin arm and advanced manipulation control interface. Dactyl brings many robot applications closer to reality: help for the disabled and the elderly, as well as remote manipulation, repair and installation tasks in hazardous or distant sites. To use Dactyl, a person drives the robot once around the house or space to teach it where… View this post

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