Thursday, April 30, 2009

Evolution Robotics’ NorthStar 2.0 Wins Robotics Development Innovator Award

Low cost, intelligent navigation system based on proprietary micro-GPS technology wins the first annual RoboDevelopment Innovator Award at RoboDevelopment 2008 Conference and Exposition. Evolution Robotics Inc., a leading robotics technology company, announced today that its NorthStar® 2.0 technology has been named the Robotics Development Innovator Awards’ “Best Component Technology” for 2008. The goal of the awards, presented in conjunction with the RoboDevelopment Conference & Exposition, is to recognize products that successfully reduce the time, effort and complexity of building the next generation of innovative robotics products, and in doing so, furthering the robotics industry as a whole. Evolution Robotics’ NorthStar® 2.0 Navigation System enables mobile robots (e.g. robotic toys and vacuums) to intelligently navigate within indoor settings using a proprietary micro-GPS system, providing the first-ever practical… View this post

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