Thursday, April 30, 2009

New robot can 'guess' what's ahead before seeing!

It seems, robots made by man can now challenge their intelligence in turn! It may happen that you may fail to guess rightly, what lies ahead of your journey into an unknown environment. But, a robot that do that job in an assured way!

Yes, it is no fantasizing of future robots — they are soon to be there in real life. Engineers have pulled their sleeves up to come up with the “claimed” robots that would be able to make “educated guesses,”-as you can call them.

The robots, while traversing unfamiliar surroundings, can reduce the amount of time generally needed for successful navigation to such environments, by guessing on what lies ahead!

To make the robots think ahead of humans, they are provided with a new software, which uses algorithm that enables it to create partial maps while traveling through an environment for the first time. It refers to this partial map to guess on what lies ahead.

C. S. George Lee, a Purdue professor of electrical and computer engineering said,

The more repetitive the environment, the more accurate the prediction and the easier it is for the robot to successfully navigate.

So, if you ever forget a route you have ventured to earlier, or moving into an unknown, these robots perhaps are the right guide for you.


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