The product has been described as ‘a friendly robot for lonely unmarried persons’. What I am talking about is an emotional and friendly Robot called YABO designed by the cool and creative designer Kim Yong Seong. It has been designed in such a way that like a nice wife/husband, it would wait for you to arrive back home, with an advantage that it would not nag you with complaints at that hour. It will also monitor the temperature at home and keep it just at the right level.

Don’t worry if you have left something on when you are away, as the robot will take care to keep any unused appliances off. Exceptional about this piece by Kim is the ability of the robot to change its facial colors, which expresses its emotions basically. YABO’s face is sphere, which isn’t that bad and can move left, right, up and down. Huh...have robots already started replacing humans!

Source: Core77