Chiba Institute of Technology
has unveiled a unique robotic truck - Halluc II that encompass ‘multi-joint wheel module’ via mingled robotic technology and automobile technology in one self-directed mechanism.

This robotic truck measures around eighty centimeters in length and weighs twenty kilograms. The Halluc II runs on eight legs via special wheeled modules to move sideways, turn around in place and to drive or walk to combat obstructions until 12 centimeters. Moreover, according to the researchers, this prototype robot will assist security personnel’s in rescue operations and transportation for the mobility-impaired.

Different Modes:

In addition, the best part is that this monstrous truck comes packed with two different modes - Insect and Animal. In insect mode, the robot boycotts wheels and walks like an insect-like giant by extending its legs outwards whereas in animal mode, the machine keeps its legs beneath the truck to conquer tight areas.

How it functions:

The Halluc II functions via wireless LAN capabilities and system of cameras and sensors to detect and monitor the distance of potential obstacles and consecutively study the course to make the best use of its legs and wheels as per the terrain.

It uses 56 motors, 2 for each leg joint (3 joints per leg), plus 1 for each wheel. In addition, by bundling each joint with 2 motors it generates copious power for smooth ride and thanks to multi-motor control system, which is in fact a key component of Halluc II’s design.

The Halluc II will hit Tokyo’s upcoming Miraikan, beginning from August 1 to permit visitors to operate the vehicle via remote-control cockpit with a large screen that shows real-time video shot via an on board camera.


Via: Technovelgy