Remember Arnold Schwarchenegger in the Terminator series movies. What happens if in reality we have such Terminator clones where robots function as soldiers? The idea that at present might sound plucked out of any science fiction might soon become a reality if governments worldwide accept the new creations from the Silicon Valley robot manufacturers ‘ Robotex.

A two feet tall robot that could move at the rate of ten miles per hour and spins on a dime wields a gun that with deadly accuracy blow a ten-inch hole through a steel hole from a distance of 400 meters. The robot is controlled by a remote over an encrypted frequency that jams nearby radios and cell phones.

Robotex, the manufacturer of the robot AA-12 that could replace human soldiers is based in Palo Alto. It is the brainchild of Terry Izumi, a reclusive filmmaker who worked for DreamWorks and Disney and even trained Secret Service agents.

In 2005, Izumi picked up Nathan Gettings, a former PayPal software engineer and founder of Palantir Technologies along with his brother Adam who was associated with both PayPal and YouTube. They also roped in Jerry Baber founder of Tennessee-based Military Police Systems, manufacturer and distributor of arms. Baber brought his $8000 Atchisson Assault-12 shotgun and his pilotless mini-helicopter called the AutoCopter, which holds two AA-12s to test the dexterity of the soldier-robot.