If you are looking ahead to get some extra leg power, Matsushita Electric’s Power Pedal robot suit, a wearable exoskeleton can offer you up to seven times more leg power that you possess.

In this so-called suit robot legs are controlled by a sensor-equipped foot pedals and with six axes of movement that facilitates legs solidity even on rough terrain.

This robot suit is especially developed by keeping in view those disabled and elderly people to walk easily but I don’t think that it is so affordable that disable consumers will easily get it because for this you have to shell about $167,000. However, it is also noteworthy that with in ten years Matsushita expects the price to fall around $30,000 but still I do not think that it will also make any difference if the suit is really developed to help those elderly and disabled people.

The suit will hit the market in August of this year.

Via: Ohgizmo