Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time for robotic invasion? Swagata | Sep 14 2008 For decades science fiction writers have fascinated about a robotic age. In films they even moved a

German product designer, Martin Postler has come up with a project “Life/Machine - Scenes from a roboted Life” that explores human-robot interaction while sharing a common environment and the “what ifs” of human-robot coexistence.

The ideas that has come out this project has been creatively expressed with pictures featuring a fabricated robot. It shows how our households will look like if robots are used to aid in certain basic tasks of our lives, like how it will be used in preparing food, in hygiene; like cleaning a man’s ear, or its role in entertainment.

This project brings out the funny and bizarre side of a possible human-robot coexistence, for instance the robotic ear waxing picture - actually looks like some drilling machine is making a hole on a mud pot. The other one that shows a shaving process going on - reminds me, those brutal beheading videos on the internet !

Via: gearfuse

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