iRobot has already released some great robots that include Scooba that is a floor-mopping robot and Roomba that is a carpet cleaning Robot. Their latest creation includes Create that will be shown to public at CES-2007.

This new creation from iRobot has the same design as the other robots from the company. It too comes with wheels, motors and sensors so that the robot can easily move without tumbling on the stairs.

Create does not include any fluid tanks and brushes as it is not a cleaning robot and is a user customizable robot.

The Create has a number of connectors that will allow the users to attach some of their own products to the robot and also write programs that can teach the use of the products to the robot.

Some iRobot engineers in India placed sand containers on the robot and programmed it to create sand mandalas that are usually prepared by monks.

iRobot has also commented that they have specifically made Create for the use by budding robot enthusiasts and students so that they can create their own products and attach them to Create.

Via: cnet