Monday, May 4, 2009

Page - 13 CES 2007: Wowwee to flaunt swift Robopanda, Roboboa and Roboquad

A gadget geek cannot be contented without seeing some of the hot robotics from Wowwee at the CES. But this time Wowgadget people doesn’t seem willing to reveal their latest robotoys during the big gathering at Las Vegas. These are some of the Wowwee toys that will appear in market, sometime in the year 2007.

Robopanda is a teddy bear resembling robotoy, featuring several superior sensors and a head-mounted IR sensor and stereo sound, for kids above four. It also converse with its MiniMe replica and intone some stories. The roboteddy is expected to sometime in the early, middle or end of the year and will retail for about $229.

Roboboa is other useful and multi-functional snakebot that perform different tasks, such as smart desk light, wake-up alarm, room guard, disco marquee, roving tank and safety light. This functional snakebot will hit the market for $119.

Roboquad, featuring quick mobility, three speeds of movement, a sensitive infrared detector and location awareness, is another robotoy from Wowwee that will come to the stores for about $119 sometime in the year.

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