As technology is moving towards the groundbreaking pinnacles, robots are becoming one of the important servants for human beings that not only are assisting people in their professional work but household jobs as well.

Spyke is a similar type of performance oriented compact robot that can either be controlled from a computer through a local WiFi connection or through the Internet.

Featuring a Video Camera, Microphone and Loudspeaker, together with the VoIP competence and a Digital Music Player, the Spyke can also be transformed into a watchdog for your home that could make you acquaint with ongoing activities around the home or work place in your absence.

Above all, Spyke can send you e-mails of snapshots as well as work as a VoIP phone, attuned with MSN, Skype, Google Talk, in case you want to hold the talks due to some urgent work. Spyke will be available in the market by June this year for $270 (250 Euros).

The only down side, in comparison to some of the advanced robots, is its slow speed and measured mobility, and it neither can go across the stairs and bumpy territory.

Via: ubergizmo