A new robotic head named RedOwl can read a name tag from across a football field and can also identify the make and the model of the gun with the sound of the blast.

The Robot has been developed by Glenn Thoren and several prototypes have undergone intensive tests. The developer has stated that the robots are awaiting a final approval from the defense department and should soon begin their operations in Iraq.

The Robot is equipped with four microphones to determine the direction and the elevation of noise. When it hears the sound of a gunshot it swivels its head towards the source of the noise and then the thermal imager can pick out the enemy sniper.

The $150,000 Robot is steered by an Xbox video game controller and can enter any terrain that is hostile for soldiers.

Basically the robot uses three main functions for the procedure:

� Ears:

The four microphones that are integrated in the Robot serve as ears. When the sound wave passes over the microphones a processor can pinpoint the location of the source of sound. The microphones can also recognize the weapons by their report so it can also ignore the friendly fire.

� Eyes:

RedOwl is equipped with a central camera so the remote controller can also see the location of the robot and can steer it from there.

� Mathematics:

The robot uses several mathematical techniques for calculating the distance between him and the enemy. The location is so accurate that the friendly troops can call in for a precise air strike on that spot.

Via: popsci