Autonomous Solution has provided a solution to all the dull, dirty and dangerous tasks in the form of a Robot that they are calling as Chaos.

The robot has been specially designed for all the tasks that are too dangerous for human soldiers and personnel.

The reason that makes the Robot an All terrain Robot is its four tread design. According to the company the Robot has been specifically designed for jobs such as Bomb Disposal, search and rescue, hauling gear and other dangerous tasks.

Chaos is equipped with self-correcting track system that allows it to operate in all terrains that includes stairs, gravel, rubber and debris.

It can also carry some payload that includes sensors and robotic arms. Since the Robot has been designed for spy and surveillance jobs it does not make any motor or gear noise. It is also designed for a quick and easy on-site repair and assembly.

Chaos can be controlled by a human operator using a Mobi Remote control.

Via: technabob