Monday, May 4, 2009

Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT: World's smallest Robot by Takara Tomy

Like all other electronic gadgets Robots are also finding some reduction in size. Takara Tomy has developed the world’s smallest Robot that they have named Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT.

The Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT is a small humanoid robot that is just 6.6-inches tall.

The robot is equipped with a small LCD remote that can enable the Robot to perform programmed operations.

The Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT can play music, dance and respond to applause and other user actions. Other movements include programmed kicking and punching sound effects.

If you are still not moved by the features then you can also wait for some more time for the better version of the Robot that will include a head-mounted camera. The camera will be able to deliver the feed to your PC or phone via Wi-Fi. This upgraded Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT will be called as Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT CAMVersion. This updated Robot will be released in October while its younger brother will find some place on the shelves in July.

The Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT will be priced at $258 and the Omnibot2007 i-SOBOT CAMVersion will bear a price tag of $344.

Via: engadget

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