Futaba intends to promote Their Humanoid Robot pretty aggressively world wide. Last weekend they simultaneously introduced their new humanoid robot to both the Japanese and American press and public.

The robot is a small smart robot just 25.5 cm tall (just over 10 inches) and only weighs 900 grams. The robot was designed with 11 high torque servos (RS301CR) and 9 lightweight servos (RS302CD) for the upper body.

The robot’s power is supplied by a 7.4V, 780mAh lithium polymer battery. The RRC-T11 remote control (exclusive to Futaba) resembles a game controller and operates at 2.4 GHz. Up to 16 channel operation is supported, so customers could stage some awesome robot rumbles without worrying about channel conflicts.

The best thing is that the robot is shipped with 15 canned motion sequences employing modular construction, which simplifies assembly process to a great extent.

The robot has a high-end mechanism for perfect balancing and has a perfect price to fit to your pocket. The projected street price in the U.S. is $1,200. low pricing of the product is a move of the company to make a hold on the market and change the game.

Via: Robots-Dreams