Mahru 2 is a network-based humanoid robot developed in the joint venture between Dr. Bum-Jae You of Intelligence Robotics Research Center, Korea institute of science and Technology (KIST) and Dr. Kyung Shik Roh in Mechatronics Center, Samsung Electronics Co. limited.

Mahru 2 is the upgraded version of Mahru 1 and is capable of voice, face, obstacle and moving object recognition.

It’s a humanoid that is connected to an external server through the network and sends images or voice data to the external server and the external server analyses and processes date and sends back commands.

It bows down and greets and dances, keeping a good balance while making the upper body movements. The fastest the humanoid can walk is 1.0 km/h.

Dr. You said that his research team will aim at the development of humanoids that learn its tasks themselves and share them through the network by the year 2009.

Via: Aving