Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Inside Shigeo Hirose's Robot lab

Japan has gone a long way in robotics and created many landmarks. It has created a number of robots, which can efficiently perform the task assigned to them.

A well known name in field of robotics is Professor Shigeo Hirose at the Tokyo Institute of Technology who has spent almost half is life in robotic research. He has contributed some of the best theories and won several prices for his achievements.

He finds it interesting to study other organisms and shapes instead of humanoid approach and has constructed many robots on this approach. He constructs a robot that can support human kind in performing dangerous tasks.

His lab consists of more than 70 robots. Some his best creations are as follows :-
Snake robot, which are very useful in rescue operations due to their flexibility and ability to explore tight spaces. One of his most successful designs is a robot that can walk or propel itself on wheels like a roller skate. His ninja robot is well equipped with suction pads, which enable it to move form the ground to a vertical wall and even on to a ceiling to carry out inspection work. He has also designed a co-operative dragon robot, which can work as a team to perform a task where the single prototype fails.

His robots would soon find applications in real world.

He thinks there is lot more to come in future.

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