RI-Man is a five foot tall robot that has been designed to give a 24 hours attendant to old people and physically handicapped patients.

The robot has the capabilities to see, smell and responding to commands. The robot has been developed by the RIKEN Bio-Mimetic Control Research center team.

Giving more info on the internal workings of the ‘bot’ the team told that the ‘bot’ has got soft area tactile sensors which are capable of measuring the magnitude and the position of the contact force when it picks up the human.

There are 15 small controllers that operate the joints of the robot. And these controllers also help in distributing the load on the main computer of the robot there by making the machine fast.

By using cup shape ears the robot can also identify the horizontal direction of the sound.

The Japanese need the machine because of the shortage of the Health care workers in the country and what better way to replace the people with a 24 hours working machine. The day is not far when we can see these working in hospitals carrying patients and also helping doctors and nurses in caring for them.

Check out the video.

Via: Technovelgy