For those of you who are not familiar with CoilOSapien, let me tell you that it is a hack of Robosapien.

The hacker has hacked the robot and has converted it to a shooting robot by equipping it with a coil gun.

The hacker of this robot has been generous enough to tell us the equipment needed for the hack. He used the following items for the hack.

At least one disposable camera with flash
4 x photo flash capacitors (I salvaged mine from 3 other disposable cameras)
0.4mm enameled copper wire
2 x Ball-point pens (just the casings)
Electrical tape
A small servo
2 x 5v regulators
SPST relay (Higher current handling if possible)
SPDT relay
AA battery holder
2 x soft drink lids (plastic)
Laser module (any type will do)
Small magnet
2 x empty film canisters
Hot glue (this was my best friend!)
Hookup wire (some heavy duty, some light duty)

Check out the video after the jump to see the CoilOsapien on its mission.

Click here for the complete details of the hack.

We hope that the hacker publishes some more variants of this splendid hack in the near future.

Thanks: Marcus

Via: hackedgadgets