The year 2006 has seen some of the most advanced technology being developed. Japan has overwhelmed the world with some of the best high-tech robots.
I earlier told you about the Top Ten finalists of the 2006 Robot Award as announced by METI.

Well, here is my list of some of the best robots that rocked the world in 2006.

Transport Robots: Robots that can perform on any ground conditions.

Service Robots: Robots designed to relieve you of your hardly working servants.

Robotic Bacteria: Robots for Medical Diagnosis

RIDC-01: The Robotic maid that comes from our loved cartoon show ‘Richie Rich’

Robovie-M V3: A Robot that can fight

Reborg-Q: A robotic security system that can detect and track any intruder

Ubiko: Robot from UBIX that can welcome your clients and can also do some advertising work

Star Fish Robot: The Four Legged Robot that can sense any injury in its body

RB2000: A Robot that can perform some gymnastics

All these machines have some of the best technology integrated into them and I am sure you also would have liked them as much as I did. Let’s look forward to 2007 for some better technology.

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