Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rity: A Sobot that cannot part with you

Rity is a Software Robot or Sobot that can transfer itself from one computer to another to serve his master.

The Sobot has been designed by Kim Jong-Hwan, director of the Robot Intelligence Technology Lab and the researchers in Korea’s Institute of Advanced Science and Technology.

Rity is an autonomous software agent that can transfer itself by downloading and uploading on different computers. It can also upload itself on to a mobile like a MyBot.

If you go out of reach of the Sobot it will try and find you by using the cameras of the building and once it finds you it will upload itself on the computer that is nearest to you.

The Sobot takes the shape of a cute little puppy and can also express itself with some gestures.

The 1,800 bytes that control the Sobot’s behavior can tell about the mood of Rity. Rity’s behavior can also be partially changed with some training but all other are environmental influences.

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