Researchers at the Monash University in Australia are developing very small robotic motors that will use a flagellar propeller to swim through the Human Body.

The research is headed by Dr. James Friend. His aim in life is to develop a device that is no wider than the width of two human hairs and has the ability to swim through the Human Body.

Dr. Friend has a history of developing small devices that can perform like a competitive large device. He and his team have already succeeded in developing a microbot motor.

Dr. Friend commented that the main difference between a micro motor and an electromagnetic motor is that a electromagnetic motor runs at a much faster pace and the microbot one has much torque.

This micro motor will be the propeller for the micro robotic bacteria that he and his team are currently making.

The micro bacteria will help the physicians in the ability to avoid risky procedures in some cases and the robot that will be controlled by a remote control will increase a physician’s ability to diagnose in a much better way and also treat the patient with minimum cuts.

Dr. Friend has also stated that they will be able to complete the project in three years.

Via: technovelgy