Monday, March 22, 2010

Swisslog RoboCourier Opens Doors

Swisslog and CCS Robotics have two new robots. SpeciMinder is available now and is able to automatically navigate through doorways as small as 27 inches. RoboCourier will be available later this year and can interface with both doors and elevators. Pretty neat.

Swisslog SpeciMinder is available now and is designed exclusively for INTRA-departmental materials transport. For example, a large one-floor laboratory or pharmacy in which several workers frequently move goods among multiple workstations is an ideal environment for SpeciMinder. The primary benefit of SpeciMinder is a tremendous increase in operational efficiency.

Swisslog RoboCourier will be available later this year and is designed for INTER-departmental materials transport. Like SpeciMinder, RoboCourier will be able to interface with doors, but it will have the added capability of interfacing with elevators and navigating hallways. This capability will allow RoboCourier to navigate multiple floors within a hospital, meaning it can transport materials from one department to another

After navigating a few million doors, maybe these guys will get sick of it and tackle the ultimate doors, those of perception. Break on through to the other side little bots.

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