Monday, March 22, 2010

Texas Robot Allows You To Work In The Office From Home

If you own your own business and you run it from home, this robot may not apply, but if you work for someone in an office, it’s likely this robot is for you. The robot, named Texas, was created by Dallas Goecker. I suppose Dallas was inspired by his name to make the robot’s name Texas. The Texas Robot was created at Willow Garage, California, by Dallas. He mentions in his video that Willow Garage had a few PR2 robots just laying around and PR2 robots are the perfect, basic base for building a multifunctional robot. The caster of the PR2 robot was used in creating Texas. He connected a computer, a battery, and a display; the rest was already with the PR2 robot. Within the computer, there is a Wi-Fi router which will obviously connect to the internet, making the office-travel experience wireless.

Dallas describes to us through the video how it is to be in the comfort of your own home, while getting your work down and most importantly, getting a one-on-one interaction with co-workers. This robot could work very well in many office enviroments, but you might want to ask your boss if you can be represented by an autonomous robot. Watch his explanation of this robot below.

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